24 Hours in Hollywood, Georgia

  • The new logos for the shoot

The past 24 hours have been a whirl-wind for Eagle Christian Tours as the buses were transformed into “Peregrine Bus Lines,” a fictional bus company in the new show “The Kingmakers” that premiers on ABC this fall. Here is a timeline of how it all came together:

8:00 PM Wednesday: The buses were wrapped with new logos and prepped for their TV debut.

6:30 AM Thursday: The drivers reported to take the buses over to the set.

7:15 AM: The drivers were treated to the catering that the cast and crew eat during filming. (An unlimited breakfast buffet with hand squeezed juices and other delicious treats! They would also cook just about anything you wanted, made to order, out of the food truck!)

8:00 AM: The drivers (to their surprise) found out they were going to be in the show as paid background extras and headed over to wardrobe to change into their bus driver outfits.

9:00 AM: Filming with the first bus started. (Although two buses were wrapped and brought for the shoot, only one actually made it into the TV show) It was a simple scene where the bus drives up, one of the main actresses gets on the bus, and the doors shut. (We had to back up and move forward many, many times!) Brett got more than he bargained for with his part as he ended up getting some considerable camera time!

10:30 AM: MORE FOOD! They had a food cart at the set where they had fresh fruit, salad, chips, drinks, and a man who would make you a grilled ham and cheese sandwich which was fabulous!

10:30 AM – 1:00 PM: They filmed the sequences before and after the bus shots so we were able to sit back and watch the whole production.

1:30 PM: MORE FOOD! We took a lunch break which consisted of a HUGE Mexican buffet with fresh guacamole, grilled chicken, steak, rice, etc. (and of course the food truck that would make you anything you wanted.)

2:30 PM: Filming continued and they set up for our next shot.

3:30 PM: They filmed the bus driving away. They overlapped Brett’s part again so he was on camera for more time. In the last shot they did with the buses, they drove away as the camera looked out the windows.

By 4:30 PM the drivers were allowed to go back to the base camp that was just down the road and get changed back into their normal clothes. The drivers were then released from set, but not before a quick snack (MORE FOOD!) for the road.

And finally, at 8:00 PM on Thursday the crew came by the Eagle Christian Tours base and peeled the Peregrine logos off revealing our beautiful ECT logos.

The film industry is a 100 miles an hour all the time, never stopping. Decisions happen on the fly and the food is always nearby. The base camp was only about a quarter mile down the road from the filming location, but they always had a fleet of shuttle vans waiting to take us back and forth whenever we needed it.

It was a really fun experience to be involved in all the excitement that comes along with filming a TV show. We look forward to seeing our buses in the show and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Eagle Christian Tours!


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