Eagle Christian Tours

Our Eagle Christian Tours set the standard for what a sightseeing tour should be. These luxurious tours personify the quality and care that set Eagle Travel Group apart in the industry and reflect the heart and tone of our core values. Each sightseeing tour is packed with wholesome fun-filled events, premium activities and dream destinations. Another feature that makes our Eagle Christian Tours special is that each tour is personally hosted by our founders, Brett and Becky Roes.

Our Short-Tour Series Motorcoach Tours are designed for those who would like a luxurious get-a-way but haven’t the time for a full Eagle Christian Tour. Although shorter in length, these tours contain the same level of quality, care and luxury but in a more condensed format. These sightseeing tours focus on regional treasures of historic significance, artistic and entertainment value as well as geographic beauty. Each of our fun-filled Short-Tours is hosted by our founders, Brett and Becky Roes.