Rome, Georgia Based Motorcoach Company to Offer Safer Travel Option to Business Travelers

Eagle Christian Tours is set to offer essential business travelers a new Travel-Wise option during the Covid-19 recovery period. ECT’s Travel-Wise Program will begin essential business travel services for U.S. based companies on April 29, 2020. The first program of its kind to be offered to the U.S. market, essential businesses are now able to move management teams and key personnel from one “clean zone” to another without contact with the general public.

While internet platforms may be suitable for routine interactions, the nature of many larger more important business transactions require face to face communication. The Travel-Wise program was created to offer essential businesses a Travel-Wise option when extended person to person interaction is required.


Travel-Wise Features and Benefits:


  • Clean Zone to Clean Zone
    • For decades the entertainment industry has used the “Clean Zone” concept in keeping traveling celebrities healthy during prolonged national tours. The concept is really quite simple: Control your environment to reduce exposure to sickness. Essential business travelers can now benefit from the same precautions proven effective by pro-athletes and entertainment celebrities.
    • Executive Class Sleeper Coach picks up at your office door and delivers directly to your business destination. No stopping in public spaces between known clean zones illuminates possible exposure to flu like illnesses.
    • Once at your location, transportation to and from hotel accommodations, as required by your schedule, is provided in the Luxury Class Sleeper Coach. The Coach will be thoroughly disinfected daily using CDC guidelines.


  • Mode of Transportation: Executive Class Sleeper Coach
    • Up to 10 people may travel non-stop to any destination in the U.S. on a CDC sanitized coach. Each person receives a private sleeping bunk, ample workspace to conduct business while in route, front and rear lounges can be configured to allow for work to be conducted in one location while, meals, breaks and entertainment are being provided in the other.
    • All meals can be prepared on the coach, full bathrooms w/showers available, entertainment systems include 4G WIFI, Apple TV, Satellite, and more.
    • Host Drivers have been tested daily for 14 days prior to travel and are dispatched from a clean zone location. Drivers wear masks while interacting with essential business travelers. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the coach. Motorcoach is disinfected daily using CDC guidelines.
    • In route, Executive Class Luxury Motorcoaches feature completely separate climate control circulation units for both the passenger area and the closed off cockpit.


  • Guaranteed Arrival to Any Clean Zone Location
    • With significantly reduced and limited airline options, as well as frequent last-minute flight cancelations, it can take more than 2 days for essential business travelers to get from one U.S. city to another. Until flight scheduling returns to normal this method of travel is hard to build a schedule upon.
    • Airport travel unnecessarily exposes essential business travelers to large public terminals and public transportation shuttles/trams multiple times while in route. The general public using these terminals are coming from destinations unknown.
    • If more than four essential business travelers are traveling together, the option of using a private/company vehicle is not viable. Due to the limited range of automobiles this method needlessly exposes essential business travelers to multiple public places while in route.


  • Travel-Wise is Designed For:
    • Management Teams
    • On-Site Training Teams
    • Executive Committees
    • Sales and Marketing Teams
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Land/Business Location Acquisitions
    • Hospital Teams
    • Doctors and Medical Staff
    • HR Teams
    • Business Owners, Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s, VP’s


  • Other Uses for Travel-Wise:
    • Pick up and drop off at any private airport in the continental United States.
      • Executives fly in privately from a known clean zone. The Executive Class Sleeper Coach meets plane on the edge of the tarmac and provides CDC sterilized ground transportation to known clean zone business location.


  • Small Business Owners Accompanied by Family Members
    • With schools closed and spouses working from home business owners now have the option to travel with family while visiting various business locations throughout the U.S.