About Us

Eagle Christian Tours was started by Brett and Becky Roes after serving for many years in Christian ministry. The idea for Eagle Christian Tours came about in 2008 when Brett helped organize a motorcoach tour to New England for the senior’s ministry in his home church. Having grown up singing gospel music and driving entertainer-style motorcoaches from a very young age, Brett jumped at the chance to share with the group some of his favorite out-of-the-way places in his home state of Maine. Without any prior experience Brett and Becky planned their very first trip by traveling the way that they liked to travel…a touring recipe that would soon propel them into the motorcoach touring industry.

Many of the seniors in that first group commented on how refreshing it was to travel with other seniors who shared their same values and how wholesome and refreshing the tour atmosphere was with a pastor leading the way. Several who had been on numerous motorcoach tours with various charter companies commented that it was the nicest motorcoach tour in which they had ever participated. With that encouragement, they planned another motorcoach trip and then another, each one becoming longer and more popular than the previous. Finally, Brett and Becky combined all that they had learned to create a touring experience unlike any other. After four years of organizing fun-filled, wholesome senior’s trips they launched Eagle Christian Tours. While there are many wonderful touring companies in the U.S. and abroad, previous participants all agree that Brett and Becky have created something very special.

Soon thereafter Carson and B.J. Roes, Brett and Becky’s two oldest sons, joined the growing staff at Eagle Christian Tours. Since that time the company has expanded to include charters, educational tours for public and private schools and colleges, musical groups and marching bands, corporate travel, and family vacations. However, the largest segment of growth has been in collegiate sports travel. Eagle Christian Tours has served over a hundred teams in both public and private high schools, colleges, and universities and continues to grow in the South East Region of the U.S. as a premier sports travel provider.

Eagle Christian Tours is founded on these ideals:

Shared Values: We love to laugh! We believe that there is nothing more enjoyable and refreshing than good, clean fun. Our Tours are designed to encourage our guests in a healthy, fun-filled environment where they will never be embarrassed by course jesting or questionable activities. We desire to serve and bless our guests as they share wonderful experiences with old and new friends alike. Our guests don’t have to be a Christian to participate in one of our tours, but we desire them to know upfront that we sponsor tours for those who appreciate wholesome values.

Premium Service: We love excellence! We believe travel should be memorable for all the right reasons, therefore, make it great! Our touring guests want more than just a “good tour” they want a premium vacation filled with great memories. We believe that premium service begins with the first contact and continues until our valued guests arrive back home. Premium service includes things like: more leg room and space on the motorcoach, smaller tour sizes, upgraded hotel chains, leisurely tour pace, higher quality activities, wonderful host drivers and tours guides , isle and beverage service while underway, and best of all, bonus surprise events that are not included in the travel itinerary to delight our guests. Our charter guests love the fact that our buses have unlimited WiFi, outlets at every seat, large flat screen monitors and beautiful upgraded interiors.

Quality People: We love people! We believe that every person should be loved and cared for with the respect and dignity that has been endowed to them by their Creator. We have found that our tour and charter participants love and appreciate the fact that drivers are top notch professional with great people skills…a trait that sets us apart in the industry. When we serve our guests hand-in-hand are guests experience the comfort, love and security of a family. We call this approach to caring for people, ‘Grace-based Hospitality.’ When this form of hospitality is displayed throughout the company we create a charter and touring environment that is like none other.

Having set the standard, Brett and Becky Roes, as well as Carson and Elizabeth Roes, lead and host all of the Signature-Series Tours offered by Eagle Christian Tours and, as the company continues to expand, they carefully select top notch host drivers and tour guides to be trained to the same standard of hospitality.

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