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Want To Get Into the Host-Driver’s Seat?

You’re dedicated to helping others along their journeys. We are here for yours.

At Eagle, we believe that travel should be memorable for all the right reasons. Our goal is to help create that exciting & comfortable experience for every guest that boards our buses.

You can be a valuable member of this mission: the person others can depend on during their next big trip. We know how important that role is, and we’re excited to invest in you.

Hear from Our Team

Peace of mind on the road

It's a great feeling when you can leave driving your bus knowing it has been mechanically checked out and things like the tires are not a concern. That gives me as a host-driver peace of mind on the road. If on an occasion something should break as all mechanical things can, I know that it will be taken care of ASAP by our office and our mechanics or another bus will be provided. That's all anyone can ask for.
John 6 years with ECT

Glad to be part of this family

Great company not just to travel with but also to work for. I’m glad to be part of this family. They truly do go above and beyond for everyone including and especially our guests.
Jesse 1 year with ECT

We work together as a team

I drive part time with Eagle Christian Tours and really enjoy being a part of a great company. It is so refreshing to work for a company that puts the guests first and manages all work-related issues with respect and integrity. These are values I am proud to uphold as we work together as a team.
Al 3 years with ECT

They treat you like family

This is the best company to work for!! I have been driving for four years and plan on driving forever with them. They treat you like family!
Angie 4 years with ECT

Buses are constantly checked and cleaned

I've driven some for other tour companies in the past but the reason I chose to stay mainly with Eagle Christian Tours not only was due to their approach to both their customers and their host-drivers, but also the way they take care of the maintenance of the buses we drive. The buses are constantly checked out and cleaned.
John 6 years with ECT

I'm loving it

This is a great company to work for. I've been on board for a bit over 2 years now and am loving it!
Scott 2 years with ECT

Excellent company to drive for

Excellent company to drive for and have enjoyed my customers immensely, especially my friends I am asked to drive for on a regular basis!
Daniel 3 years with ECT

Love the company and my job

Eagle Christian Tours is a great company to work for. Been here three years now as a Host-Driver and love the company and my job. We have great buses, Host-Drivers, and customer service.
Soffie 3 years with ECT

Best people to work with

Best place to work, best people to work with.
Robert 4 years with ECT


As a Host-Driver, you’ll have the opportunity to:

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    Receive industry-leading, competitive pay structure

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    Enjoy a culture built around kindness and excellent service

  • Clock icon

    Set your own schedule

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    Travel and see the country

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    Health Insurance and Retirement Benefits

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    Meet new people

If you're looking for a place that values your contributions and wants to see you succeed, Eagle has a spot for you.

Does your mission align with ours? We want you on our team so Eagle can empower you to make a difference. Together, we can leave a positive impact on every guest that boards our buses.


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