There’s been a gap in entertainment transportation for too long. Especially now, tours make music possible. Comfort and worry-free travel are imperative when you hit the road.

The Streamliner is a custom-crafted vehicle that makes ease and elegance on the road accessible to the working band. Get all the premium features, high-end details, and smooth ride from a luxury tour bus in a compact package for your next tour date.

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Premium Amenities

  • Platinum Wifi™

    Reliable internet service no matter where your adventure takes you.

  • Comfort+ Sleep™

    Unwind and relax in 6 full-size bunks with Cool Gel mattress technology.

  • Eagle Glide™

    Our proprietary Eagle Glide™ suspension provides unparalleled comfort.


Streamline Your Tour Transportation

Get your one-price quote & experience a prestige-level of transportation as well as ironclad infrastructure and a 24-hour call line provided by our team of logistics experts.

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